About Our Classes

What is Baby Relax?

Baby Relax is an innovative, relaxed and friendly group for new parents and their babies. Our sessions are no commitment, and can be booked weekly to fit around you and your baby. We offer two sessions; 



Baby Relax 

Baby relax is our flagship session. It is for Newborns to Pre Walking (crawling and first steps is ok). Baby Relax sessions are an hour and a half long, giving you plenty of time to enjoy everything we have to offer. You can arrive anytime between the start and finish time, meaning you don't have to rush to get to us 'on time', making the experience more relaxed and enjoyable. 

Baby Relax is a free flow session, meaning there is no structure. We put out different play experiences including;

* Light Play.   

* Bubble Tube

* Ball Pit

* Soft Play

* Sensory and Messy Play

We have up to 15 play stations and areas weekly, and our resources change weekly to keep things new and exciting for you and your baby. 

As well as this, we create relaxed chat areas at floor level. These areas allow you to sit and chat, place your baby down to sleep, and enjoy some free refreshments and cake. All relax and chat areas also have books and baby toys to enjoy, as well as blankets, cushions and feeding pillows. 

At Baby Relax you can enjoy refreshments including tea, coffee, cake and biscuits which are included in your entry price. 

We also provide Baby Scales for you to use at your leisure during sessions. Scales are parent led. 

Cost - £6.50 Cost includes unlimited Tea, Coffee, Refreshments, and biscuits.



Baby Relax  - Toddles 

All the fun of Baby relax, but for a slightly older age bracket. 

We found that our families loved Baby Relax so much that they never wanted to leave, so we introduced a 'next step' group. Toddles has all the same equipment as Baby Relax, but it if for Newborns to the day before their 3rd birthday. This means when your baby is walking and can no longer attend Baby Relax, you and your friends can move onto 'Toddles'.

At this session we will also put some additional activities more suitable for toddlers. 

Again, it is a free play group, meaning you can explore and play at your leisure. 

The session is also 1 hour and half long. 

Refreshments are also included: tea, coffee, cake and biscuits which are included in your entry price. 

Cost - £6.50