Our Story



Baby Relax was created by myself, Freya Snow, after I had my first baby in 2015. 

Before having my baby, I was strong, confident woman, with over 15 years experience of working in Early Years as a speech, language and literacy specialist. I was excited to finally be able to attend all the baby sessions that I had created, taught, developed over my 15 year career, with my own child. 

Then my lovely Son arrived, and I found myself to be the shell of what I once was. Anxious, no confidence, scared to go out, and struggling to be social. I watched as my friends went to all these amazing baby classes, and I wanted to go so badly, but my anxiety stopped me at every turn. 

I started to turn down all social invitations, and very soon found myself isolated and lonely. My main barrier, was having to commit to groups, and be somewhere at a strict time. I longed to go somewhere where I could just drop in, play, and leave when I wanted. 

There were so many play groups around, but they were open to all ages, and I found the mixed ages and noise triggered my anxiety more, I needed somewhere calm, and gentle to relax and play with my boy. I had the experience, the qualifications and the expertise to develop my own session, and slowly but surely I though about setting up my own baby group. 

With the support of my nearest and dearest, I developed Baby Relax, a simple session where parents and carers could drop in with their babies to play, make friends, relax and feel a part of a community. 

The group was popular from the outset, and began to grow and grow over the years. I reinvested all the money from the sessions back into the group, allowing me to buy high quality beautiful equipment, and to make our groups one of the best on the market. 

Although the babies get a wonderful, developmental experience, the heart of my sessions has always been about YOU the parent/carer. I wanted to provide a safe space where new parents could escape the four walls, feel welcome, and build their confidence. The aim of the group is to lessen post natal mental health in new parents. Our groups have been designed to remove and reduce many of the barriers parents face when attending baby sessions for the first time. 

The sessions have proved so popular, that our customers never want to leave!. I got asked time and time over to do a Baby Relax class for older children. Toddles, for newborn to 2 years, was launched in Sept 2020, very successfully. We look forward to developing the session in the coming year. 

I love all my classes (I own and run several Early Years Class Companies) , but Baby Relax I hold very close to me, because it was developed from my own personal circumstances. 

I can't wait to see what is to come next.....


Freya xx